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PP Kennel Range

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PP Kennel Range 

For all your pet transporting needs!

The PP range kennels have been moving live animals for over 20 years now.  As they gained more experience and awareness of animal transport safety over the years they have modified their design to provide safer and more comfortable trips for your beloved animals.

We hope to increase general public awareness on safety for live animal transport by sharing our knowledge.

Why they are approved for airline travel


The IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR) is the global standard and the essential guide to transporting animals by air in a safe, humane and in a cost-effective manner.​​ 

In summary, the IATA LAR requires the following:

01 Comfort
The container must be large enough for the animal to stand, turn around and lie down.

02 Safety
All interior edges must be smooth or rounded to avoid animal injury.

03 Resistance
The container must be well constructed and rigid enough to withstand freight movement and prevent  the animal from escaping through gaps.

04 Security
The container door must be constructed so that accidental openings cannot occur, either from the inside or the outside.

05 Health
Adequate ventilation with at least 3 sides with majority of ventilation being provided from the upper part of the container.

06 Provision
Separate food and water containers must be provided and accessible for replenishment purposes. (These are included with every crate plus a removable floor tray)

Additional features

This is their 2nd generation design of the PP range and a lot of attention to details has gone into improving their original design to make them more user friendly as well as safer and more comfortable for your animals.

The weight of the cages increase significantly when an animal is enclosed.  The handles are contoured to reduce extra straining and pain on your hands when lifting the cages.
Larger sized crates have 2 handles attached.

Lifting Latch
Latches on the bottom crate with finger space to allow easy carriage by users.
This is especially important on larger sized crates with heavier animals inside.

Ledge behind doors
Ledges are built in on both the top and bottom crate to ensure that the door cannot swing inwards to frighten the animal or endanger their space.

Cable tie holes
Some airlines will require the crates to be secured with cable ties in order to board the plane.
Holes are in place on the four corners of each crate for this purpose.
Holes are also available on the top and bottom to secure the door to the plastic crates for additional safety.

The screw are made of strong plastic and solid steel which fasten the crates together.
They can be easily assembled and tightened by hand (no tools required).

The Range

We are proud to present the extensive range of sizes available to suit different needs!
(All measurements are approximant in cm)

PP20 - 53x37x37
PP30 - 62x41x45
PP40 - 73x45x53
PP50 - 82x56x60
PP60 - 93x61x73
PP70 - 115x60x80

Available sizes on request:

PP60N - 99x61x68
PP80L - 115x60x85
PP80H - 115x60x90

These crates are manufactured by Pui Chin Co Pty Ltd

PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range
PP Kennel Range